new year. new life.

omg i love that movie so much >.< or better this guy
hahha xD oh boy, that movie was so sad <.< aaaaand
intense *.* haha i dunno, dont be suprised that i rite in
english.. now i just rite in eglish lol. i really need to get
into this! i mean, i rote too much german, that i still think
its a long way t go to speak english fluent x.x ohh booy =/

it was the worst new years ever!! i did like nothing, just
hanging out at home watching blockbster movies v.v oh
man, but i hope this is the only worse new years!! ~.~

yeah you can say since this year, i really try to change lol
i realized that i gained so much weight and got so fat and
lazy like the americans, that i really need to change it rite
now!! so now i go to the fitness center!!!^^ yesterday was
my first day there. i think its not that typical fitness center
i reaaaaelly like it there, very nice and the best.... it just
cost 32 bucks a month!! *.* and after working out im gonna
go to the sauna *.* hihi.. and this like every day!! except
tuesday and weekend lol xD coz i wanna sign up for hip hop
and this course is on tuesday ^.^ but at another place, but
well dont think its far lol xD

yeah, today i walked (OMG i WALKED xD) to walgreens to get
a curls iron!! i also bought teeth whitener x) and stuff to dye
my hair. but first i wanted to tinge my hair (toenen) buuuuuut
of course it didnt worked -.- so at the weekend i'll dye my hair
golden brown with highlights lol xD i hope i wont regret it xD

next tuesday school starts again!! and i cant wait, its like a
new.. new begiinning lol, coz i wont have same classes anymor
and yea my schedule looks like this for now ^.^

1. history with arleth *.* (i love him, he's so cool... and handsom
hahhaha xD)
2. jewlery (i cant wait argggh, we are gonna make a ring and i
bracelet i heard!! i dont know the teacher)
3. computer art with pfitzer *.* (ahhhhh i love photoshop!! xD)
4. off, hanging out with joey hahhahah xD ( i met him, last
semester in 3rd hour, which i had off^^)
5. english with bernstein, dunno what to think of it by now =P
6. psychology! ahhhh (the teacher was a male model and has so
soo soo much abs xD_)
7. painting with blanch.. hehe i think thats gonna be coool =D

go home and then at 6 to the fitness center (or dancing.. i hop the course isnt full ~.~) =D than watching the fresh prince (hhahha)
and than go to bed *.*

well haha, thats my plan xD

i love you guyyys. and i really miss to chat with u..
                                                                         dangg xD

4.1.08 02:27

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