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oh my lord O________O
i dunno where to begin with eh xD
okay, on saturday nite i went with joey to the movies =D
haha it was funny like, i texted him my address. just that he knows where i live so he can take me back home... lol yeah and before the movies (we watched one missed call, kinda like final destination, but lame xD at 10.50pm) i took a nap xD and suddenly he txted me 'i am here' and i was like 'OH my goood? xD' coz i kinda slept xD
well yeah it was our first time doing something lol and the funny thing is, we never really talked before that xD but hey, i needed someone to go with me haha xD well yeah, when we arrived... he paid.. hihi xD he was like 'i got it' *-* haha but yeah, he's pretty nice and so, but i dont have any feeling towards him. i dont think he's cute or sumthin hahah xD but he's not ugly =P a pretty nice guy actually loool and his storys.
kinda bad guy, drugs, alc and partys and stuff

yeah the movies was kinda lame, yeah a bit scary but lame xD so it was already after 12am when the movie ended and we talked about the curfew, that i should be home already and you can be catched by the cops. i was just like... reaalllly un-obvious lol xD ... okaaay, there was a bit time left until my hostfams curfew (1am) so he drove us to a hill where he claims you can read SEX xD out of the lights lol. well i didnt see it xD yeah it was pretty cold so we headed back to the car and what happend? lights came up.. we got busted >.< oh my lord i was so scared when i saw the cop. i just thought 'back to germany??!?!' (coz when you break the law, u have to go back to germany v___v) but we had first he asked how old we are... when i said 17 i felt like dying eh -.- and when he asked when my birthday is, i was like omg when is my birthday xD and then he said yeah its just 12.30 now, so i wont give you a ticket (LUUUUUUUCK puuh v.v) but you guys have to go home now!! lol and after that joey and him had a lil smalltalk lool xD omg i was so hyper after that >.< and than joey said like about 5 times 'sorry bout that' lol xD but hey, its good that that happend, coz now i know its reaaallly possible to get busted ~.~ and well he also told me, that arvada has the most cops in the state... AWESOME ~.~ xD
after that when i got home i ate so much coz i didnt know what to do lol -.- i couldnt sleep... so i ate ramen <3 and nutella bread lol xD and watched the fresh prince *-*

yeaah, so tonite i was bowling.. at first i sucked sooo bad xD i had like 36points xD but we had 3 games, so when i got the flow, i got reaaly better. had some strikes xD ohh loord, at first it was really full so we probably waited about 45minutes -.- well yeah, tomorroe or better today at 1 i go to APEX again *-* but with hannah.. and this time we wanna to everything like ice skating, work out, climbing and swimming lol xD aweeesome!! less than 10 bucks 4 everthing hihi xD
its late... i dunno whether i can wake up that early T-T
gotta set alarm..... last thing i gotta say: joey ' yeah i can tell that english is not your first language' STREWWW HIM BAAD. i didnt wanted to hear that my english sucks xD tzuee T-T ... gotta go cry xD

hihi like chicken i cant wait 4 summer... ahh its gonna be so awesom ^.^ LOOOVEEE U GUUYS

7.1.08 10:36

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